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If you are interested in bringing adult classes to your location or next activity, please email us at Whether you are looking for a Drawing Basics and Specialization or to build creative strength, Art Innovators specialists will provide or customize programs for: Please bookmark and check back often

We offer: Art classes for teens and adults

Classes for teens :

Children from age group 13-19. First of all the basic training of drawing will be given to them. If the child doesn’t even know how to handle the pencil, it’ll be tought to him. When they become perfect in this training , we move to higher courses like Portrait making & Shading and more ……..

Classes for adults :

The key courses for adults are Basics , Portrait Making , Landscapes , wild life and Shading.

Portrait Making :

The techniques of drawing portraits will be tought. How to first figure out the face and then making shade markings will be told.

Shading :

Handling the pencil for shading is a tough task. Many precautions have to be taken while using this pencil. The tactics of this pencil will be tought.


We arrange workshop also for everyone who is passionate about drawing.
Workshops for :
– Schools
– Colleges
– Private institutes and groups
It includes again 2 categories.
– Drawing Basics : ( Age Group upto 13 yers )
– Specialization : ( Age Group upto 18 yers )
These workshops will concentrate on Basics, portrait making and Shading of Drawings.
The appropriate method of portraying will be followed.
Required supplies for this program : (Provide by us)*

If you have any questions, Write on my contact page.
We have an Art Gallery at the place of our classes. All the drawings are exhibited there.
The drawings are available for purchasing also.

Some Students words about classes and studio ......

The black magic art studio is amazing because its like home, as you can be comfortable in your own way to draw at your best.. Well art for me is what gives you peace and makes you happy..!!

Black magic art, well known studio helped me to draw my ideas in structured way and cover up technical mistakes as it brakes all typical frames of learning drawing Art is all about observation, what we observe so it reflect personality and communicate with society making humans different from animals is nothing but an art.
I feel myself very fortunate that in my initial phase I got exposure to various types of this art because of my studio.
I am sure that the confidence and experience I have earned here will definitely help me in my future!
1 have best place ever visted.the most inspirational place what gives life to studio is our precious sir
it is place has something very unique feeling cant be described properly in appropriate words a beautiful room full of paintings inspiring us, sir (ARTIST NILESH) most imp who motivates us every now n then, stuff makes us to feel jus sit n do smthyng n experience that feeling of expressing urself through drawings. And definitely a rapid growth in our presentation jus because of the way our idol (sir) teaches us…….. In short a cute lil sweet heaven
Art = human experience + creativity. In a generic sense, Art is a form of expressing yourself through your works .
It need not be through paintings ..
In short a cute lil sweet heaven where each artist wud wsh to experience it

Thank You !